Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I contact you ?
  2. Where can I find more information about hypnosis ?
  3. Why doesn't one hear more about hypnosis therapy ?
  4. Who is Jerry Kadash ?
  5. What is Hypnosis ?
  6. When is it best to do hypnosis ?

How do I contact you ?

It is best to reach me at any of the following:

Phone:(732) 610-4292

Fax:(732) 389-3438


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Where can I find more information about Hypnosis ?

Other than the information on this website, you can also contact American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, The National Association of Clinical Hypnosis, and National Guild of Hypnotists.  Their website is

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Why doesn't one hear more about Hypnosis therapy ?

That is a great question.  Hypnosis is becoming more and more popular as an alternate therapy without the use of medications.  It is reliant on the human mind's own ability to heal or change behavior. What the mind has created, the mind can heal.

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Who is Jerry Kadash ?

Jerry Kadash, A.C.H. is certified by the State of New Jersey as an Advanced Clinical Hypnocounselor.  He is a graduate of the College of New Jersey and The Academy of Professional Hypnosis, licensed by the Department of Education, State of New Jersey, with an advanced degree in Hypnosis Energy Therapy.  He is a member of the National Association of Certified Hypnocounselors, and the Eastern Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce.

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What is Hypnosis ?

During hypnosis, the physical body and conscious mind are in a totally relaxed, natural state, while the subconscious mind remains awake and receptive to suggestion.  Hypnosis is an education and communication process to a persons' mind that allows his/her conscious and subconscious minds to believe the same message or suggestion.

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When is it best to do Hypnosis ?


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